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The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) Foundation was established in July of 2007 to provide financial stability and growth for the MAITC education program based at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Thus, the Foundation is charged with being the “philanthropic arm” to this unique public/private partnership. Foundation stakeholders are vital to providing free educational resources, grants and outreach to the state’s K-16 education community.

The MAITC Foundation is led by a 15 member volunteer Board of Directors, with each member appointed for two year terms. Board members represent interests from Minnesota’s agriculture and education communities. A part time Foundation Director leads the fund development and provides oversight and development to the Board of Directors.

The Foundation supports the overarching mission of Ag in the Classroom to “promote an understanding and awareness of the importance of agriculture”. Key education resources include the flagship student Minnesota AgMag Series, the AgMag Jr. and the popular Food for Thought geography curriculum.