Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Program Resources

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Educator Workshops

Target Audience: K-12 teachers, pre-service teachers, agriculture producers, volunteers and advocates

  • Customized workshops provide opportunities to gain resources and ideas for embedding authentic agricultural examples within science, social studies, math, language arts and health/nutrition curricula

Online Lesson Library

Target Audience: K-12 teachers

  • 40 agricultural focused lessons aligned with Minnesota K-12 Academic standards available FREE on MAITC website
  • Organized by subject (Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts) and grade level

Agricultural Literacy Grants

Target Audience: K-12 teachers and educators

  • Cash awards (max $400) given to K-12 educators to encourage them to bring agriculture and food systems education “to life” by effectively integrating related content into their classroom or school
  • Annual application deadline is January 15

Summer Teacher Tour

Target Audience: K-12 educators, curriculum directors, administrators, school counselors

  • Summer tour allows educators to get a first-hand look into the world of agriculture
  • Involves traveling to plant and animal focused research and development sites, farms, processing facilities and distribution centers
  • Resources, hands-on activities and interactive ideas for integrating agriculture as a context for achieving academic standards at all levels are discussed and shared

Minnesota Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award

Target Audience: K-12 teachers

  • Teaching award recognizes the efforts of educators to embed agriculture, food and natural resources education into their K-12 classroom and curriculum.

Children’s Literature Book Bundle

Target Audience: K-8

  • 22 accurate agriculture books available as a “book bundle”
  • Variety of non-fiction and fiction, covering a wide spectrum of topics and content that represents plants, animals and food and fiber systems.

Print and Video Resources

AgMag Series

Target Audience: Grades 4-6

  • Content tied to social studies, science, math and language arts academic standards
  • 3 issues sent per school year, by request, to 500 schools, reaching 43,000 students
  • Interactive version available for iPads and other portable devices

AgMag Jr. Series

Target Audience: Grade 1

  • Content tied to social studies, science, math and language arts academic standards
  • 2 issues sent per year, by request, to 225 schools reaching to 22,000 students
  • Interactive version available online
  • Spanish version now available

Food for Thought Minnesota Geography Curriculum

Target Audience: K-12

  • Nine lessons directly aligned with Minnesota social studies academic standards, teacher guide and 34 online maps ready for SMART Board and IPad use
  • Colored student desk-map
  • Developed in partnership with the Minnesota Alliance for  Geographic Education

Minnesota School Gardens: A Guide to Gardening and Plant Science

Target Audience: K-12

  • 270 page guide includes information to develop and maintain a school garden as well as 31 lessons connected to Minnesota K-12 Academic standards

Agriculture: Service Science and Society DVD

Target Audience: K-8

  • 34 video stories about Minnesota agriculture that help students and teachers better understand the significant role that agriculture plays in their daily lives.
  • Videos illustrate the advances in agricultural science and technology that have shaped and provided great benefits to society

Fields of Energy DVD

Target Audience: Grades 7-10

  • 12 unique segments help students and educators understand the breadth and importance of Minnesota’s renewable energy industry
  • Online Teacher Guide is also available

Agriculture Commodity Cards

Target Audience: K-12 teachers

  • 20, 8.5 x 11 inch “flashcards” offer information on a variety of Minnesota’s top ranking plant and animal agricultural commodities

History of Minnesota Agriculture Placemat/Poster

Target Audience: Grades 5-12

  • Timeline illustrates how agriculture helped shape Minnesota history, from wheat being king and key farm machinery inventions in the 1850’s to a strong and diversified agriculture economy in the 2000’s

 Agriculture Products Placemat/Poster

Target Audience: Grades 1-6

  • The major uses(meat, grain, etc.) as well as additional uses are listed for 8 Minnesota livestock animals and crops

Agriculture is Everywhere Placemat/Poster

Target Audience: Grades 1-6

  • Includes fun facts for students and a general map of key Minnesota agriculture crops and animals

Where does your Cheeseburger come from? Placemat/Poster

Target Audience: K-6

  • Students identify the source of each component of a cheeseburger
  • Facts about agricultural plants and animals stimulate critical thinking and discussion

Where does your Pizza come from?  (Primary)Placemat/Poster

Target Audience: K-3

  • Students identity the source of each component of a pizza

 Where does your Pizza come from? (Intermediate)Placemat/Poster

Target Audience: Grades 4-6

  • Agricultural and historical connections for common pizza toppings are explained
  • Opportunities to apply math skills such as probability and fractions

Fun, Facts & Food

Target Audience: K-12

  • Includes fun facts about Minnesota agriculture, healthy eating tips and connections to Minnesota fruits and vegetables as well as Minnesota Olympian Carrie Tollefson
  • Features a collage of Minnesota’s state symbols connected to food and agriculture

Farm Animal Bookmark

Target Audience: K-12

  • Profiles 12 livestock animals produced in Minnesota, providing facts and terminology