2nd Quarter Update: Sharing the Impact

January 2024 was very exciting! There are so many mile markers the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Team reached, I sometimes need to blink twice and pinch myself when we look at the analytics. Minnesota Public School Districts.... 83% (and growing) are being impacted by the work of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom. This stat doesn’t include all the private and home schools, community agencies and organizations we also provide resources too. 

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Sharing the Impact

When we share with you the impact YOU make by supporting the mission of Increasing Agricultural Literacy through K-12 Education, I truly hope you do not underestimate that impact. As many agricultural industries, businesses, farms and ranches are looking for the next hire, hoping for passion and dedication from the workforce of the future... consider how difficult it is to be interested, let alone passionate about something you have never been exposed to.  

Influencing Students to Join the Agriculture Industry

The Vision that Agriculture is Valued by All, extends beyond reading words on a page, but understanding where food, fuel, fiber comes from and how each, along with natural resources impacts our lives. We continue to work to expand the lens to include enough context to learn that there are unlimited potential careers and opportunities in agriculture for the youth of today and those exploring new careers for tomorrow. With your investment in the work of MAITC, we are expanding the view of agriculture for students, educators, and others.  

You Make This Possible

Your support, encouragement and content experts have moved forward the mission, we hope you are proud of your investment and continue to support the mission as the impact momentum grows. Academic standards based lessons, resources, experiences, and professional development are all on the menu of opportunities with MAITC, and why 83% of Minnesota's Public School Districts are engaging with Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom..... THANK YOU for making it possible!

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