Discover MN AgMag: An Engaging Agricultural Magazine for Students

We are dedicated to promoting agricultural literacy among students and fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of the food, fuel and fiber system. One of the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) flagship programs, MN AgMag, plays a vital role in achieving this mission.

What is MN AgMag?

MN AgMag is an innovative program offered by Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom that aims to increase agricultural literacy by providing free curriculum resources to educators across Minnesota. What originally started as a once-a-year agricultural magazine for students is now a print and digitized asset for kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms with spring and fall editions for each grade level. Educators can easily connect what they need for curriculum standards with the free Agriculture in the Classroom resources, such as the AgMags and the curriculum matrix.

A Young Boy Displaying An Agmag In Front Of A Grassy Field

How MN AgMag Supports the MAITC, Inc. Foundation's Mission

At the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC), Inc. Foundation, we recognize that strong partnerships and generous support are essential for bringing MN AgMag to life. Donors and supporters like you play a crucial role in making this program possible. Your contributions ensure that MN AgMag continues to reach thousands of K-12 Minnesota youth, cultivating their understanding and appreciation of agriculture.

The Impact of MN AgMag

Thanks in part to the dedication of our donors and supporters, MN AgMag has made significant strides in promoting agricultural literacy throughout Minnesota. Here are some impressive results:

  • MN AgMag reaches over 146,933 (an unduplicated number) students annually, introducing them to the wonders of agriculture.
  • We distributed over 80,198 AgMags in the 2022-2023 school year, with goals to reach even more this school year, ensuring that educators have access to valuable resources for their classrooms.

Join Us in Empowering Agricultural Literacy

As a valued supporter and donor, your partnership with the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation helps us make a meaningful impact in agricultural literacy. Together, we can continue to assist in offering MN AgMag as a powerful resource to educators and students across Minnesota.

To learn more about MN AgMag and explore the countless possibilities it offers, visit the MN AgMag website. Discover how you can further contribute to our mission of increasing agricultural literacy and be a part of something truly transformative.

Support our mission today and make a tangible difference in the world of education.

Contributions from advocates like you help to increase agriculture literacy in Minnesota.

You make this program possible!

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