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We could not eat, get dressed in the morning, or commute to work or school without the products of agriculture. Yet, many people have lost their connection to the people who produce their fuel, fiber, and food.

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation is on a mission to help all K-12 students in Minnesota and beyond develop an understanding of how the agriculture industry works, its impact on the economy, and what types of jobs exist in the agricultural sector. But we can’t do it alone.

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Understanding Agriculture

Despite the ever-present role of agriculture in our everyday lives, countless individuals remain unaware of its magnitude and impacts.

Understanding agriculture is not just about recognizing where our food comes from. It's about comprehending the vast, intricate environmental, economic, and social systems that work together to sustain our world. Deeper knowledge of these systems helps shape future informed consumers, creative problem solvers, and innovative leaders.

The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation is dedicated to bridging this agricultural education gap. Through supporting programs, like Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, and their carefully crafted curriculum and resources, we are creating engaging learning experiences that bring agriculture to life in the classroom, for free! Our promotion of these services empowers educators to incorporate agricultural lessons into core subjects — such as science, social studies, and mathematics — making learning relevant and actionable for students.

We encourage you to join us as we continue to sponsor programs that plant the seeds of knowledge in the minds of our youth, paving the way for a more agriculturally literate society. By supporting Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Support our mission today and make a tangible difference in the world of education.

You can help prepare the next generation of Minnesotans to be informed consumers

During the 2022-2023 school year, 146,933 Minnesota students learned more about the agricultural industry and its important role in our society — thanks to donors like you!

Through agricultural literacy programs, students:

  • Build valuable connections with our country’s growers and producers.
  • Learn how advancements in agricultural technology are helping us meet growing demand sustainably.
  • Come to understand agriculture, environment, and economy as an interconnected system.
  • Discover careers in the agricultural sector outside of farming so they can one day contribute to a healthy, sustainable food system.

If you care about the future of responsible food, fiber, and fuel production in America, you can help by getting ag literacy resources into the hands of students everywhere. It only takes $4 to provide valuable learning materials to a single student.

Join Us in Making an Impact in Agriculture Literacy

Advocate for Agriculture

As a supporter, you have the power to advocate for agriculture and amplify its importance in our daily lives. By advocating for agriculture, you are part of the solution, helping raise awareness and an understanding of this essential industry. Your involvement can truly make a difference.

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Your generous contribution to the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation can make a world of difference in a child's education. 


Volunteering with the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation presents an exciting opportunity to be a part of something meaningful. As a volunteer, your time and passion fuel our mission to promote agricultural literacy. 

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