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In the face of an ever-evolving educational landscape, integrating comprehensive agricultural literacy into teaching practices remains a challenge for many educators. This presents a pressing issue as agriculture is not just an industry — it's the lifeblood of our society, with far-reaching impacts on our food security, economy, and overall sustainability. It's essential that educators equip their students with a thorough understanding of agriculture's significance in their lives and our shared future.

The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC), Inc. Foundation is here to help. We help K-12 educators gain access to complimentary, top-tier teaching resources, all of which align with core academic standards. The MAITC materials, partially funded by our foundation, are designed to incorporate agriculture into subjects as diverse as social studies, science, and English, making learning about agriculture both engaging and impactful. We support educators in their mission to cultivate in their students a deeper appreciation for the role agriculture plays in our daily lives.

Maple Syrup Ag Literacy Grant
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Investing in Agricultural Literacy: How Supporters Enable Growth and Learning

MAITC, Inc. Foundation proudly funds an array of engaging opportunities for educators, aimed at promoting professional development and collaboration in K-12 classrooms. These opportunities are made possible thanks to the generous support of our community financial sponsors, in-kind supporters and volunteers.

Teacher Tours

Teacher Tours give educators the opportunity to explore Minnesota's vast agricultural diversity and bring it back to the classroom. These hands-on experiences with Minnesota agriculture are not only a fun way for educators to earn Continuing Education Units (EDUs); they also provide curriculum connections for each agribusiness or farm stop during the teacher tour experience.

As an educator who attended summer teacher tours stated, “ I liked that every site gave me ideas of how to take this information to students; I liked personally seeing and experiencing how it all fits together - kids learn so well from stories so if I can turn this information into a story from my life it resonated more.”

When discussing how MAITC supports you in integrating agriculture into the curriculum a teacher highlighted, “I love integrating your resources in what I do. I've used wild rice, hydroponics, and spice/herb in the past few months. I do about 2 programs a month and your curriculum ideas are at least a quarter of what I do. Thanks so much.”

Agriculture Literacy

The Agriculture Literacy Grant Program provides opportunities to K-12 educators, encouraging them to bring agriculture and food systems education "to life" in their classroom or school.

Outstanding Teacher

The Outstanding Teacher Award recognizes a teacher for his/her creative efforts to integrate agriculture into his/her classroom and curriculums to increase agricultural literacy.

First Year
Teacher Grants

These grants aim to fund projects specifically for those first year teachers seeking to infuse agriculture into their classrooms. The maximum grant request is $200.

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Join Us in Cultivating Agricultural Literacy

We invite you to partner with Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation in the mission to increase agricultural literacy for K-12 students. Your generous support can directly impact our ability to provide these invaluable resources to K-12 educators across Minnesota and beyond. By investing in our programs, you're not just enhancing the educational experience of students today, but you're helping raise a generation that values and understands the importance of agriculture for our society's future. Stand with us in our vision that Agriculture is Valued by All. Let's work together to deepen the agricultural literacy impact in the years ahead. Support us today!

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