Volunteer with MAITC

Participating as a volunteer in a Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) program is an opportunity to share your knowledge and passion for agriculture, and to make a real impact on the future of our society. By giving your time and effort, you can help educate students on the crucial role of agriculture in our economy, environment, and everyday life.

Shape Young Minds with Your Agricultural Expertise

MAITC offers a platform to give back to the community by enlightening the younger generation about the importance of agriculture in Minnesota and beyond. Our educational resources are widely appreciated by teachers and students alike, ensuring your efforts directly contribute to a more agriculturally literate society.

Contribute to Lifelong Learning

The program is not just about teaching facts or theories, but about cultivating a culture of lifelong learning. As a volunteer, you become a critical part of this mission, fostering curiosity and understanding among students, and promoting a deep, lasting appreciation for agriculture.

A Woman And A Boy Volunteer Next To A Table With Food On It

How You Can Volunteer:

Make a Difference with Farm Camp

Farm Camp offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in a hands-on, immersive agriculture experience on the farm. Over three days, students interact in the diverse world of farming in Minnesota, gaining valuable insights into the cultivation of crops, raising of livestock, and daily life on a farm. Through Farm Camp, we bring the farm to the classroom, but your assistance can help take this experience to the next level.

Be a Virtual Field Trip Stop

Have a farm or agricultural site to share? The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom program can connect you to classrooms of students through virtual field trips.

Help Make Farm Camp Connections

Farm Camp is a unique experience customized for each Minnesota classroom. Whether you're an educator, a potential ag-host, or have ideas to share, we would love to chat with you. Connect with us today!


Want to give back in other ways?

Learn more about how to Support Educational Outreach with Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation.

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Two Volunteer Women Standing In Front Of A Large Cow Statue
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