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Empower Learning through Agriculture: Utilizing our High-Quality, Standards-Aligned Curriculum Resources

At Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC), Inc. Foundation, we understand the unique needs of educators. The curriculum resources we promote are meticulously crafted to align with standards and cater to diverse learning styles. Our goal is to make agricultural literacy an enjoyable and accessible learning experience for both students and teachers. Through engaging lessons, free AgMags, and conversation-starting materials like “Food for Thought,” we facilitate connections between the classroom and the world of agriculture.

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The Challenge: Reconnecting Classrooms with the Heart of Agriculture

Many educators have the desire to weave agricultural literacy into their curriculum but lack the tools to bring the vibrancy of the field to life into their classrooms. They are faced with outdated resources and standard curriculums that do not adequately highlight the critical role of agriculture in our daily lives — from the food on our tables to the clothes in our closets.

The disconnect is palpable. Students grow further removed from understanding the intricate web of life sciences and the efforts that ensure our daily sustenance. More importantly, they miss out on realizing how deeply agriculture affects their lives and the world around them.

The MAITC, Inc. Foundation is on a mission! A mission to bridge this disconnect, to help provide engaging, high-quality, and standards-aligned resources to educators, and to foster an agriculturally literate society that values and appreciates the immense contribution of this sector. This cannot be achieved single-handedly; we need the support of those who share our passion for agriculture and our vision for a more informed society. Together, we can make a difference!

Introducing A Tailor-Made Solution: MAITC's Comprehensive Curriculum Resources

MAITC, supported by our foundation, has developed a comprehensive suite of curriculum resources designed specifically to bridge this educational gap. The resources are not only aligned with core academic standards but also infuse vibrant, real-world agricultural context into everyday subjects like science, social studies, English and language arts.

The curriculum resources are designed with the educator in mind, providing easy-to-use, engaging and relevant content that students can relate to. MAITC offers a wide range of materials, from lesson plans, interactive programs, teacher tours, field trips, and videos all centered around agricultural literacy.

Benefits of MAITC's Curriculum Resources

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    Contextual Learning

    The resources help students understand the relevance of what they're learning in the real world, thereby increasing engagement and retention.

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    Every resource is designed to align with core academic standards, minimizing the effort for teachers to integrate agricultural content into their daily lessons.

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    Engaging Materials

    The resources are designed to spark interest and curiosity, making the learning process enjoyable and impactful for students.

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    Free Access

    All resources are freely accessible, providing equal opportunity for all educators, irrespective of their financial capability.

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Evidence of Impact

The resources have already made a significant impact in classrooms across Minnesota. According to a 2020 survey, 95% of teachers found our materials easy to use and integrate into their existing curriculum, and 98% reported an increase in student engagement during lessons using our resources. As put by Mrs. Ness of Menahga, MN, "In ten years of teaching I have seen a shift, that there is less of an understanding [of agriculture], more of a gap. I am lucky enough, every year I get all of the eighth grade, just for a quarter, just to explore ag-related careers and content, and I always start with what they think agriculture is. The kids find that [MAITC] lessons are really well put together. They’ll say things like ‘I never thought of it in that way before.’"

The power of agricultural literacy is undeniable, and with MAITC's resources, we can make a difference in the way our children perceive and understand agriculture. Together, we can create a more agriculturally literate society.

Join Us Now: Empower Education, Foster Agricultural Literacy

Don't wait! The opportunity to transform education and cultivate a deeper appreciation for agriculture starts today. Your support can help educators access the vital resources they need to integrate agricultural literacy into their classrooms effectively. Begin this rewarding journey now by exploring our rich array of curriculum resources, participating in our interactive programs, or making a generous donation to support our cause. Take a step towards creating an agriculturally literate society. Together, we can change the way our future generations perceive and understand the world of agriculture. Sign up or donate now! Your action today can make a lasting impact on the educators and students of tomorrow.

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