Investor Spotlight: Compeer Financial

Compeer Teacher Tour
A Day in the Life of a Farmer 2023 Summer Teacher Tour Session at Compeer Financial in Mankato, Minnesota.

Our investors are the reason Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom can make the impact that it does. This Investor Spotlight is designed to support and lift up our partners in agricultural literacy.

The Impact of Gifts

Compeer Financial has been investing in Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) for 37 years. One of the very first investors in the mission, helping move an idea to a program that reaches over 146,000 Minnesota students.  This support makes it possible to engage and support Minnesota educators providing resources and professional development that are agriculture focused and aligned with academic standards.

Why Compeer Financial Supports the MN Ag in the Classroom Mission

2023 Melanie Olson Compeer Photo
Melanie Olson of Compeer Financial

Melanie Olson explains why Compeer Financial has been so dedicated to the MAITC mission. She explains, “Compeer Financial’s mission is to enrich agriculture in rural America and that’s a great tie to Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom’s mission to ensure that “Agriculture is valued by all”. That’s important to the 73,000 cooperative member owners that we serve every day. These programs teach students why agriculture is important and the benefits of agriculture in their life. I thank the other 101 investors that help provide these free resources to our valued educators across the state of Minnesota. We are grateful for their passion to teach these students and use these resources. Thank you to the foundation board staff, board members and the team at the Department of Agriculture for your collaboration and doing this great work. We are so impressed and glad we could be here all these years and more.”

Why the MN Ag in the Classroom Foundation Executive Director is Excited About This Partnership

“I want to acknowledge Compeer Financial not only for their investment in cultivating the future of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, but their belief in this program from its inception. Compeer has been a donor for 37 years and has made 44 gifts. They have helped us launch great opportunities for this organization and for educators. As a Cultivating Our Future investors, they play a tremendous role in making the work of MAITC possible.” 

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