Investor Spotlight: Rosen Family Foundation

Our investors make it possible for Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom to make the impact that it does. This Investor Spotlight is designed to support and lift up our partners in agricultural literacy.

The Impact of Gifts

The Rosen Family Foundation has been an investor of the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation for close to three decades and have recently committed to being a Generations Club donor. Their commitment to MAITC allowed us to launch the Farm Camp Minnesota program during the pandemic and continue its successful growth for fifth through twelfth grade students throughout Minnesota. 

With nearly thirty years of investment, the Rosen Family Foundation has helped many increasing agriculture literacy initiatives happen with continued financial support and encouragement. We thank them for their continued respect and appreciation for the innovative ways that MAITC reaches new audiences and trains educators.

Why is the MN Ag in the Classroom Foundation Executive Director Excited About This Partnership?

Rosen Foundation Tom Rosen & Am
Ann Marie Ward, MAITC Foundation, Executive Director and Tom Rosen, President/CEO, Rosen Diversified Inc.

Ann Marie Ward, Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation Executive Director, stated, “We all have big goals and I think in this organization that is an understatement. Three years ago I sent a request to the Rosen Family Foundation requesting an opportunity to grow our relationship. In the Fall of 2020, we began a new partnership with goals of sustainability. The Rosen Family Foundation made it possible for the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom to launch Farm Camp Minnesota with a five year funding commitment. This past fiscal year, the Rosen Family Foundation increased and extended their commitment to cultivate our future. They have extended their commitment to 2028 and increased their investment in joining the Generations Club in Fiscal Year 2024 with an unrestricted commitment to work with Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom.

I am humbled by the generosity of our investors and their commitment to this mission. I appreciate the Rosen Family Foundation for seeing the vision of Farm Camp. They were able to look at the overall work of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom and see that this is definitely an organization that helps them meet their goals and fulfill their mission as a family foundation. Thank you Karin and the entire board of the Rosen Family Foundation for their support and their commitment for the next five years to this organization.” 

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