Prairie Grains Conference

Prairie Grains Conference was held on December 13 and 14, 2023 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It gave Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom staff the great opportunity to connect with a wide range of people including farmers, donors and school board members. 

Prairie Grains Conference Attendees

Take Home Resources for K-12 Educators and Attendees

While at the Prairie Grains Conference, attendees showed appreciation for having our staff in the northwest part of the state for hands-on discussions. MAITC resources were available for people to touch and take, which was wonderful, as well as utilizing My Farm Web parts that connected with the most common commodities in that area. The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom booth was in the main hall for the event and next to the Ag Broadcasters so the side conversations were plentiful. 

Sarah Commissioner Peterson Am And Assistant Commissioner Andrea

Prairie Grains Conference Highlights

In addition to all the attendees Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom staff connected with, they also had the opportunity to welcome a few of MAITC’s biggest promoters including Commissioner Peterson, Deputy Commissioner Andrea Vaubel, Paul Hugunin from MDA and Whitney Place, Executive Director or the USDA Farm Service Agency to the MAITC booth. 

Resource Specialist Sarah Kuschel noted a personal connection that she enjoyed from the conference as well, “I enjoyed having my son along who could also share his love for agriculture with others and why he's appreciated his teachers bringing our resources into his classroom over the years.” What a wonderful opportunity for educators and attendees to directly hear how MAITC resources are helping K-12 classrooms!

Ag Central Radio Shout Out

Prairie Grains Conference Rainfall Simulator Presentation

Attendees and donors had the chance to see the rainfall simulator from NRCS. This presentation was impactful on Resource Specialist Sarah Kushel’s Mystery Teacher Tour from last summer. It helped educators understand what kind of experiences MAITC teacher tours provide and why donors should help support those events and encourage educators to get on the bus.

Listen In

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) Foundation’s Executive Director Ann Marie Ward had the opportunity to share more about MAITC and what great opportunities are available to increase agricultural literacy for K-12 students throughout Minnesota. Listen to the Radio spot live from Prairie Grains Conference to learn a little more about how things are going with MAITC.

Meet the Prairie Grains Conference Host

Since 1975, the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers (MAWG) has been working to represent the producer, at the state and national level. MAWG funds a lobbyist to voice producer concerns in St. Paul and Washington DC.

As a member of MAWG you are also a member of the National Association of Wheat Growers. A portion of your MAWG dues goes to the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG). NAWG funds lobbyists to represent the wheat industry in Washington DC.

Membership dues in the MAWG fund lobbying efforts on issues that improve profits for Minnesota wheat producers and support educational programs. Many important projects and policies have become reality because of the efforts of MAWG. Everyone pays the wheat check-off, however that does not make you a member of MAWG. Checkoff dollars and MAWG membership dues support different activities.

Checkoff dollars fund the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council (MWRPC). The MWRPC directs those funds to develop new wheat varieties, improve production, find new uses and help promote wheat exports and domestic uses of wheat. The MAWG and MWRPC work together on grower education and promotion of the wheat industry.

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