Reflecting on the 2022-2023 School Year

Thank you for helping us grow impact! Educators are choosing to use Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) resources to meet the standards of learning throughout every county in Minnesota. During the 2022-23 program year MAITC experienced exponential growth in the use of our ag-based curriculum with a 34% increase in AgMag requests alone! Without you, the investors, grantors, Board of Directors and the entire MAITC team, we would not have the impact and opportunities to increase agricultural literacy through K-12 education that we have.

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A Message from the Board of Directors

What a wonderful year! As I reflect on my year as chair for the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Inc., Foundation, all I can do is smile in heartfelt appreciation for the time and resources invested into our organization.

I’ve been on the board for six years and witnessed the incredible growth of our organization in a relatively short period. In that time, we sailed over hurdles (like a global pandemic), shifted strategies, strengthened relationships and more.

Inside these pages, you’ll see

a testament to the work and dedication of our incredible team working together to fulfill our mission of ”Agriculture for All!”

Check out a recap of the Teacher Tours. Learn more about Farm Camp. Discover how Ag Mags make an impact.

To say I’m proud is an understatement. Where we are today, wouldn’t be possible without the hard work, grit, and determination set forth by our incredible staff, our board of directors, and our funding partners. To that, I say thank you.

A Woman In Glasses Is Reflecting On The 2022 2023 School Year While Posing For A Photo

A Message from the Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation I want to share my gratitude for the Investors, Board, Individuals and Organizations/Businesses that support this work. Grateful is not nearly a big enough word to express how I feel about this past fiscal year!

The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Team is truly amazing. The passion, dedication and teamwork has pushed this work through a global pandemic and into a new chapter where flexibility and growth are not hoped for but expected! What we could not have expected was just how much this momentum would propel resource requests to where they landed,

25.5% increase across all print resources! With an unimaginable growth in AgMag requests… 34%!

Educator requests and ongoing input and recalibration has delivered a truly awesome resource that educators are utilizing across the state.

This years’ Summer Teacher Tour series drew educators from 29 different counties. Educators tuned in to monthly Virtual Field Trips and the MAITC Team was able to provide a shared agriculture learning experience with 15,300 students throughout the program year! Agriculture Literacy Grants impacted 3,610 students by supporting engaging classroom environments that infused agriculture in new ways.

The unduplicated student impact number for FY23 totaled 146,933... this was the heavy lift, to move all educator and student engagement to a very custom cultivated Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system, but an absolute thrill to verify and document the details of the year. This new software system was a significant undertaking and investment by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) in support of the Memorandum of understanding between our two entities. Truly an exceptional example of partnerships that work well.

The robust websites supporting educators and students are reaching a growing audience. Our focus continues to be on educators of students grades K-12, enlightening and inspiring the future of agriculture. The growth trend provides a significant need, this is the perfect opportunity to consider increasing your investment and/or renew your past support decisions and be a part of the momentum of growth and know you are playing a role in Increasing Agricultural Literacy through K-12 Education. Support the vision and increase impact!

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