Jenna Davis

Jenna Davis

Past Chair
MAITC, Inc. Foundation Board

Why did you join the board?

I joined in 2017 at the encouragement of a colleague. It's been a fun experience to see how MAITC shares all of Minnesota's rich history of agriculture with teachers across the state.

What MAITC program or initiative are you most passionate about and why?

There are so many great programs. My favorite are virtual farm tours--technology connects teachers and students directly to farmers.

What is your favorite agricultural product and why?

A bacon-cheese burger with all the toppings. Why? All of the ingredients can be traced back to Minnesota farms.

What is your profession?

Midwest Dairy Association -- I get to work with dairy farmers and young dairy leaders to bring dairy to life.

A woman from the "Meet the Team" initiative posing for a photo in a black jacket.
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