Paul Hugunin

Paul Hugunin

Ex Officio Member
MAITC, Inc. Foundation Board

Why did you join the board?

I represent the MN Department of Agriculture as an ex-officio member of the board. I've always been very impressed by the innovation and professionalism of MAITC. I'm proud to be the supervisor of the MDA's MAITC staff!

What MAITC program or initiative are you most passionate about and why?

I think MAITC's overall commitment to sharing a broad, inclusive view of Minnesota agriculture is one of the pillars of the program. The program is stronger because it provides students with examples from large conventional production systems as well as small specialty crop systems. I'm especially proud of the way staff and board members have incorporated diverse farmers, including Hmong farmers, Native Americans, and recent immigrants, into curriculum, field trips and other activities.

Paul Hugunin

What is your favorite agricultural product and why?

Apples. There's nothing like the taste of a fresh, crisp Minnesota Grown apple that was developed right here by the University of Minnesota!

What is your profession?

I'm the Director of the Ag Marketing and Development Division at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

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