Kari Schwab

Kari Schwab

Ex Officio Member
MAITC, Inc. Foundation Board

Why did you join the board?

I joined the MAITC Foundation board because I was looking for a way to become more involved in agricultural education, as well as wanting to give back to an organization whose work I already respected.

What MAITC program or initiative are you most passionate about and why?

The Resource Specialists - I saw the reach of MAITC grow exponentially since adding these roles to the team. They complement the work of the full-time staff, helping support their efforts, and are able to reach so many more teachers and students than we could before!

Kari Schwab in front of a tree

What is your favorite agricultural product and why?

FOOD! I love fresh food from the farmers market or quality meat that I know was raised well and is safe and wholesome my family. Food is central to many of our family gatherings, so not only do I get to enjoy eating it but it also sparks special memories, especially around certain times of year.

What is your profession?

I am the Program Coordinator for the Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council (MAELC). MAELC is a 16-member legislative council that provides leadership to promote and expand agricultural education in Minnesota. The state legislature, agricultural educators, and agriculture industry leaders are all represented on the council.

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